English professional badminton player and OAShepherd client Peter Briggs is making some big changes to his career in the coming months. For the past 5 years Peter has been living and training in Milton Keynes with Badminton England. However due to prolonged illness and a desire to change his environment, Peter will be undergoing a minor operation and spending some time in Toronto to train before the Canada Open in July.

As some may know, in 2017, Peter was diagnosed with Pneumonia. A severe infection that affects the lungs. At the time this caused a lot of discomfort for Peter and severely affected his ability to train and play. Though he has recovered well from this, there are still lingering signs of the infection. Due to this Peter is looking to be proactive in having a minor operation to remove his tonsils. Though a minor and routine operation that many go through Peter will not be able to train or compete for a number of weeks. We are positive that this will improve Peter’s overall health and allow him to train and compete in a more comfortable way.

In early May Peter will be heading to Toronto, Canada in an effort to change up his training and his environment in the run up to the Canadian Open in July where he won the title in 2017. Peter has spent all of his professional career living and training in the uk at Loughborough University and the national badminton centre in Milton Keynes. Peter’s career has not been a straight forward one and at present Peter is not happy with where his game is. He has the desire to win big titles and beat the best in the world and OAShepherd fully believes, like him, that he can do just that. As part of that desire Peter felt it was necessary to change up his routine, become uncomfortable again and be somewhere new, doing new things.

Every athlete must realise that they only have a short time to fulfil the ambitions they have for their career and it is something Peter is acutely aware of. While this change is to move Peter’s career forward it is also about Peter enjoying his career while he has it, experiencing new places, environments and cultures. I am very positive about the move and believe that both of these motivations will culminate in some great results for Peter. At this moment in time we do not have a long term plan to share, the current focus is getting out to Canada, putting in some good training and securing some results. What comes after is still undecided.

“I have had an incredible few years training with Badminton England in Milton Keynes and I can’t thank all of the support staff and other players enough. I have had a very up and down couple of years, being English national champion, winning the Canada Open, playing in the World championships and European team championships. The recent separation of my partnership with Tom and our exclusion from the world championships hit me hard. After much questioning and soul searching I knew that something had to change for me to realise the ambitions I have for my career.”

“My fond memories of the 2017 win, the strong clubs and numerous talented players that Canada have drew me to them. I feel this change is an exciting opportunity for me to show everyone what I can do and that I am here to challenge the top players.”

About Peter:

Peter Briggs is a professional English Badminton player and the first OAShepherd client. Peter, from Leicestershire in the UK, started from a young age quickly securing a place on the county team. Peter was never picked out as the best player but had the passion to compete and beat those that were. Peter was quickly picked up by the England junior squad and then onto the Loughborough University performance squad. In 2016 Peter started his partnership with Tom Wolfenden, his most Successful partnership to date. 2017 saw Peter and Tom crowned National champions and Canada open winners as well as a number of other titles. In 2018 Peter reached a career high of 32 in the world, with Tom, and qualified for the World Championships in China, however they were excluded from the competition. The pair’s partnership breaking up shortly after. 2019 has seen Peter competing with Greg Mairs together beating top european pairs and securing the Estonian international title. Follow him on FB – Peter Briggs Official | Insta – @peterbriggsofficial | Twitter – @PeterBriggsy