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Sponsorship and Partnerships

As our clients reputation grows in the sport they become more attractive for brand partnerships. These partnerships can provide great value for both the player and the brand.

Every client brings something different to a partnership whether that be due to performance, personality, influence or exposure. I believe in an authentic approach, continuously working to develop relationships with brands that our clients support and naturally fit with.

I work closely with each client to develop a partnership strategy that will fit for them, their needs and beliefs.

Commercial and Career management

In modern badminton the big money doesn’t get made on the court it gets made off the court. Top shuttlers can earn up to 95% of their income from sponsorships, partnerships, investments and other business ventures. I want to see every athlete enjoy and maximise the career they have while I work off the court to maximise your commercial interests.

Brand & PR

In the modern society of social media, online and traditional media it is important to understand the complex media jigsaw that can both positively and negatively affect an athletes career.

We will work together to create and communicate your personal brand through social media. Alongside building relationships with key media outlets to manage your public image.

Career Management

I understand how hard my clients work to become the best athletes they can and achieve their dreams. It is important for me that every one of my clients leaves the sport feeling they took every opportunity and have no regrets.

I work closely with each client to help identify a clear path to their goal. We will work together to build the right team and environment to achieve the best performances.  

Financial Management

No one wants to lose money by following their dreams. A familiar issue in all sports. As a self employed professional it’s important to keep track of your finances and understand how to use them.

I work with each client to create a financial plan and system that will benefit you. I feel it’s important that every client has the opportunity to become financially literate to maximise the control they have.

Business Management

As a self employed athlete it’s important to have someone on your side in contract negotiations and to develop your commercial interests, while you compete and train.

Together we will look at your contracts and identify your commercial position. We can then evaluate what other revenue streams can be developed to provide you with a sustainable business and source of revenue.

Support and Logistics

Athletes have one of the toughest professions. There are so many things that can affect you that will affect your performance and consequently affect your business.

All communication with my clients is confidential. I will always be available to listen and help with any professional or personal problems a client might have. I can also arrange all of the finer details like flights, accommodation, visas etc.

Digital marketing

I have put together a small team of gifted media producers to create high quality media content specifically for the badminton industry. We are putting together something unique to help those within the sport to create content that will further the sport and their own personal ventures. Great ideas, openness, honesty and passion are what we look for in those that we work with.

Digital media content is one of the best strategies for athletes to reach out to more audiences, tell their story and have their voice heard. It is a viable way to increase brand identity and revenue streams. We are currently looking at ways to work with players to create sustainable long term content. If you are  interested in creating media content with us then please get in touch via the contact form below.

We are also looking to create high quality, commercially viable, media products all about the people and events in badminton. If you have an idea for a show, series or content that you think the badminton community or wider sports fans would enjoy then please get in touch.

We are primarily focusing on content with professional athletes, clubs and organisations currently. However if you are a fan, amateur player or club that thinks they have a great idea get in contact via the form below.

Clubs and Organisations

As well as working with athletes I also work with clubs and organisations in the badminton industry to develop robust business solutions for the many problems that can occur in our young industry. Whether you need assistance with marketing, business strategy or project execution I am here to help. We will only be able to grow this amazing sport if we grow together.

Contact me via the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

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