For Athletes

With Badminton being an individual sport athletes are responsible for all of their own activities and performances; therefore need to operate as business. The aim of this is for the athlete to increase the control and autonomy of their career deciding how they maximise revenue and performance. If done correctly this will ensure the athlete retires fulfilled with their career and with the opportunities for their post playing career.

This is done by employing the basic business processes expected of every business; Marketing, Commercial strategy, Scenario planning, Goal setting, Working with a team, developing a brand etc. I encourage all of my clients to develop authentic brands, showing their reality, their true self and their interests.

One of the biggest things I get asked about is sponsorship. Every athlete wants to make more money, whether you are currently losing money or make $1m a year. Wherever you are in the process the question always remains, what value can you provide a sponsor? What makes you different to other athletes? As your adviser, manager or agent it’s my job to help you figure that out.

Commercial Consultancy & Management


PR Strategy

Developing relationships with the right media outlets can be vital to increasing commercial value. Together we can identify who you need to be talking to and what we want them to be saying.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is the best way to directly communicate with an audience and develop a following. Choosing the right platforms, content and processes is something I can help you with.

Brand Strategy

I’m a big advocate for authentic brand. Helping individuals and organisations communicate who they are to their audience through all of their actions.

Financial Strategy

Knowing how much money is in the bank and what costs you have are vital for sustainable business. I can help evaluate and diversify your revenues and create a process to monitor your bottom line.

Performance Strategy

It is important in the modern game that every player is proactive in finding the best coaches for them. I can help you create your own team that will support you to reach the very top of your potential.

Career Strategy

It’s important to me that you end your career with no regrets. Planning what you want to happen and how we can make it happen. As well as considering what will come after your athletic career.



It is vital as a self employed athlete its vital to have someone on your side that you can trust. As your agent it would be my role to source and negotiate playing contracts with clubs to ensure you receive the best deal.

It is also important that your relationships with key partners like your club, coaches and federation remain positive. It is my role to help you manage these relationships and where necessary represent you in conflict with these organisations. 

Sponsorship Development

Sponsorships and Partnerships play an important part for self employed athletes. Where team sports are secured by their employment contract badminton players don’t have this security. As a result sponsorships play an important part.

My role here is to understand you as a person, your values and your brand to identify viable sponsorship matches. It is important to understand that sponsorships are business relationships and the development of sponsorship assets is vital to its success.

For Organisations

Sponsorship Development

As an organisation its always important to maximise the return from the assets you have. Sponsorship and partnerships provide a great source of revenue in most sports and badminton is no different.

I believe sponsorship is a business relationship based around providing value to each other. The first priority is to evaluate the current sponsors and sponsorship assets. This will then enable us to identify undervalued assets and assets that need to be developed. This will eventually lead to me identifying and approaching brands that would suit your organisation and value your assets.


Today marketing is one of the most complex parts of business. You can be doing great things but if the marketing isn’t right you will still have a difficult time attracting audiences, increasing revenue and spreading your brand; which can be very expensive!

In this role I would look at the existing marketing strategy in place including Brand, PR, SEO, Social Media etc, evaluate the set targets and analyse appropriate marketing methods to reach or surpass the targets in the most impactful way.

Competition & Event Development

Events and Competitions are the core of our industry and are vital to the success of badminton as a competitive sport. That being said it is one of the most complex parts, juggling marketing, audience development, planing and operating the event, hiring staff, finding sponsors and running administration for athletes. It easy to be overwhelmed and over worked when organising these types of activities.

I am a big advocate for experiential focus for events, making sure all involved have a memorable and positive experience. Initially I would work with you to evaluate your previous events, from this we can then make decisions on how to maximise assets and identify your success factors for events. This would then be followed by the creation of a plan to outline the different operational, marketing and commercial processes involved in reaching or surpassing your success factors.

Management Consultancy

I have a huge passion for solving problems and making things work better. My knowledge of badminton organisations and the badminton market enables me to pull inspiration from other parts of the world to improve organisation operations. I also have a great respect for other industries that provide alternative solutions to our industries challenges.

In this role I would look to analyse the current operations of the organisation, evaluate the core values and business of the organisations and create a practical plan to efficiently utilise all resources to maximise organisational impact.


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Peter Briggs

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